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Welcome to the virtual storefront of the Terry Bruner Law Office. We practice in the areas of HUD multifamily transactions and business law. Whether we are working with buyers, sellers, financiers, or developers, TBLO approaches every client relationship as a partnership. It is about getting to know your priorities and tailoring our advice to fit. Choosing the right counsel can be overwhelming, but we are here to save you time to optimize outputs and free you up to focus on the blue-sky possibilities of your ventures.

Supports Real Asset Companies

You have specialized needs in acquiring and maintaining multifamily properties that are governed by a complex web of federal insurance regulations promulgated by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). With any federal regulatory scheme, there is a plethora of relationships, acronyms, letters, and numbers – all the more reason to seek out a firm that knows its way around HUD and help you close your transaction.

How can TBLO help with your HUD transaction?

Champions Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, you are naturally a risk-taker and dream-maker. You are the centerpiece of the free enterprise system, creating jobs, fueling our economy, and redefining business for a new generation. You deserve legal help that can enable you to structure your business or nonprofit to fit your needs and safeguard your intellectual property. TBLO is well-suited to work with you because we, too, are entrepreneurs. 

How can TBLO champion your entrepreneurial venture?

A Firm Maximinizing Technology

We are committed to sustainability in all respects. We obviously maintain dedicated office space , but we maximize our use of technology to allow us to work from virtually anywhere and with clients whose interests are also anywhere. This is part of our commitment to practice law innovatively with our clients' best interests in mind. This allows us to lower overhead, provide greater flexibility, increase collaboration, and keep fees highly competitive. We hope this contributes to your goals for providing excellent service and meeting the needs of your employees, stakeholders, communities, and ideas. We welcome you to browse our HUD law and business law services.

Each client has the opiton of a TBLO Virtual Office Account that securely stores documents, communications, and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.