Drive change. Do good. Add to the economy.

How we conduct business might change, but the impulse of those in business remains constant - produce products and services that address needs and anticipate your role in providing solutions for them. The new age will be won by the enterprising agents of growth whose goals articulate the stability of times past and the rush of days ahead. TBLO uses the law to help you bring your creative ideas to market, protect your brand and achieve sustainable results.

Entrepreneurs &
Small Business Owners


Your business is the place where memories lurk behind every aisle, brick, or click of a mouse.  You might have a social cause about which you are passionate that is connected to your business, or you might be a serial entrepreneur forever tinkering or inventing to build the economy of tomorrow. Whatever your business, it's your livelihood, your retirement, and a reflection of your life. You deserve to protect it and TBLO can help.

We assist nonprofits in planning and structuring their organization to affect maximum impact. We also assist organizations with obtaining 501(c)3 tax-exempt status and staying in compliance with IRS and state regulations. Our work addresses the legal challenges of early-stage growth and scaling for organizations with proven concepts. It takes a specialized provider to deal competently with all the complexities of 501(c)3 organizations.


TBLO provides services essential to building and sustaining a strong legal foundation for your business. All of our servcies are available online, which supports our belief that everyone should have access to quality legal services at reasonable rates. Whether fixed or customized, you can conveniently acquire what you need wherever you are. We welcome you to browse our Business Law services below.