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We can advise you on how to properly structure your entity to best suit your business needs. There are two options for this service-Incorporation or Limited Liability.


Whether you are starting a brand new business or want to incorporate an existing business, it is important to hire a business lawyer who understands the complexities of incorporation. TBLO’s incorporation package will help you designate a business purpose for your Certificate of Formation and both draft and file other organizing documents like Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. We can also help you designate the appropriate number of directors for your corporation, as well as identifying a suitable registered agent.


Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are probably one of the most popular business structures for new small businesses, mostly due to their relative flexibility and simplicity. If you start an LLC, as the owner you will be called a “member.” Generally, your liability is limited to your investment and you would enjoy the favorable tax treatment of a pass-through entity, similar to that afforded to partners in a partnership. If you are interested in organizing your new business as an LLC, get in touch with us.